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Monday 5 february 2024 - 03:40



The Winoa Advanced Abrasive Tester is a unique testing machine developed to give more reliable and accurate results when testing abrasives for durability in a shot blasting process. 

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This machine is capable of:

  • simulating the operating conditions of a Wheel Blast machine,
  • adapting the abrasive projection speed according to the specifics of the customer's equipment
  • adjusting the material and hardness of the target plates to conform with the customer’s application.

Benefits :

  • Provides reliable abrasive consumption information
  • Proves the quality difference between abrasives
  • Sets more accurately test conditions to that of the customer’s actual known blasting parameters
  • Calculates  the consumption in lbs (kg’s) per thrown ton of abrasive and number of cycles
  • Creates an Intensity Curve to compare transferred energy and coverage between abrasives

The new WAAT machine is now being used by the entire W Abrasives teams to monitor its abrasive performance and by many of its Premium customers that are attentive to product performance.

How it looks :

Discover the WAAT by watching the third episode of WA Snapshot, the recent series of W Abrasives that introduces you to its technologies, services and products.

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