What is Garment Deli?

Garment Deli is a fully functioning packaged website and shopping cart solution that dynamically renders images of YOUR art
over images of OUR garments–with proper scaling & placement–thus providing the consumer a representative image of
the final product.  
The standard packaged solution offers the following workflow:

Arrival on Homepage
->Design Selection ->Style Selection ->Color & Size Selection ->Check-Out

Garment Deli offers the standard web experience consumers have come to expect. The solution can be deployed at a top-level domain (www.YourDomain.com) or at a sub-level domain (www.GarmentDeli.com/YourDomain). Garment Deli is owned and operated by the technology partner of Great Apparel For You/GAFY, LLC, the industry’s leading full-service print-on-demand shirt fulfillment services company.  As such, once deployed, the Garment Deli solution is already fully integrated with the Great Apparel For You fulfillment services model (order-on-demand, print-on-demand shirts, drop-ship to consumer).


Garment Deli must be deployed on our hosting server, and you must join the Great Apparel For You fulfillment program before you can integrate the Garment Deli solution.  Contact Great Apparel For You for additional details regarding their shirt fulfillment services program.

How do I configure Garment Deli?

Since, as a prerequisite, you must enroll in Great Apparel For You’s fulfillment services, we already know what styles you offer and we already have your production art.  We take that information and pre-configure your site with every possible product permutation (all of your designs on all of the styles on all of the colors & sizes). We’ll deliver your Garment Deli shopping cart almost ready-to-use.  As a Garment Deli client, you have access to certain functionality to adjust product offerings, appearance, pricing, and SO much more.  You do not have access to core shopping cart & rendering functionality; however, out-of-the box Garment Deli comes with an incredible amount of customization options so you can create your own unique look and feel.  View our Garment Deli Instructional Videos to learn more.

How much does it cost

Product offerings & pricing can be found on our PRODUCTS page.  Shirt production costs can be obtained by requesting fulfillment services pricing from Great Apparel For You.



Does Garment Deli fabricate and/or print garments?  What process to you use for production?

Garment Deli uses its parent company, Great Apparel For You for order fulfillment (ordering/printing/shipping).  All print-on-demand shirts are created using the direct-to-garment printing technology which is further described in these FAQs.

Will you ship directly to our customers?

We do ship directly to your customer, and since our parent company manages all internet shirt fulfillment, we package & brand the products so your customers think their garments are coming from you!

Do you offer refunds?

Garment Deli uses print-on-demand technology. Great Apparel For You (our parent company) provides all fulfillment services.  Great Apparel For You has a very detailed and contractual refund policy.  In summary, since we order blank garments on-demand and print on-demand, unless there is a material defect with the item (defective print, hole in garment, stain, etc.) you are responsible for the entire cost of production.  If we determine a garment is defective, we will cover the replacement cost.  Please contact us
or visit GreatApparelForYou.com for more detailed refund information.



What is Direct to Garment(DTG) Printing?

Direct-to-garment, or DTG printing, works similar to your inkjet desktop printer. The unique patented garment ink is deposited directly onto the shirt, with no burning of screens, setup, or registration required.

What is the difference between screen-printing and digital printing (DTG)?

Screen-printing reproduces your design by printing it with plastisol inks through a mesh screen.  Digital printing reproduces your logo by printing the design directly on the shirt with the use of a specialized ink jet printer and specifically engineered textile inks.

Screen-printing can be done on any color/style/material of garment.  Digital garment printing can be done on any color item, but is only guaranteed on high cotton content materials. Traditional screen printing requires the creation of one screen per each color layer.  This increases the cost for multiple color jobs, which can drive consumers to less than optimal designs. Direct to garment printing allows for unlimited colors to be printed with no additional cost.  Photographs, drawings, complex images, and color gradients can all be printed with unrivaled clarity and vividness.

In addition, screen printing yields a maximum resolution of 72 dots per inch (DPI), while the direct to garment process can print an image with 8x to 10x precision (in excess of 600 DPI)–near perfect quality–with no halftone dots. (Garment Deli items are printed at 300 DPI by default.)

Finally, direct-to-garment printing can be scaled.  In other words, very unlike screen printing, we can print a design at 100% scale for a large men’s shirt, and at 50% on a small youth shirt which renders a perfectly proportional garment.  (The Garment Deli solution actually integrates scaling into its image rendering process!)

Is digital printing the same as the iron-ons you can make at home?

NO!  There are variety of digital printing methods available today.  We use a Digital Garment Printer, which is a large format printing machine that applies ink directly onto the garment.

Can direct-to-garment printing be applied on dark shirts?

It works great on dark shirts! DTG-printing feels slightly different on dark versus light shirts, but that is due to a pre-treatment and (typically) an underbase layer of ink that keeps the color layer bright and visible.  The quality and durability is the same.

Does direct-to-garment printing cost more on dark shirts?

Yes, the process is more expensive due to the pre-treatment and white underbase.  (The white underbase makes the colors more vibrant.) The pre-treatment process requires the pre-treat liquid and 30 seconds of curing.  The underbasing process requires two full passes of the ink head, utilizes a completely different type of ink, and requires an extra 60 seconds of curing (relative to non-underbased garments).

What are your printed design size limitations (e.g., 11” x 11”)?

While our DTG printing machines and presses support a maximum size of 15″ x 19″, the maximum allowable size for art within Garment Deli is currently 12″ x 15″ (including the incremental hangpoint). If you want to print something outside of the allowable range, contact  Great Apparel For You and you may be able to place the order outside of the confines of Garment Deli!

How close to the edge of a shirt are you able to print?

Within 0.25” typically–closer may be possible but would be determined on an individual basis.  We do not typically print over seams, because it could damage our printing systems.

Does direct-to-garment printing cost the same 
regardless of the number of colors?

Yes.  One big advantage of DTG printing is that it does not matter how many colors there are.  They are laid down at the same time. Size, however, can impact pricing because of ink costs and production time.

How consistent is your printing process?

In a word,  VERY.  Our direct-to-garment printing process is designed to ensure print quality and placement is consistent.  Every Garment Deli print job is computer-scripted, guaranteeing the proper art is printed in the proper location at the proper scale.




What is the minimum order size?

There are no minimums at Garment Deli–your consumer can order a single item or one thousand. Since we use direct-to-garment printing (DTG), quantity is not an issue, and since there are no set-up fees with DTG, it can be economical to print a single
item.  This is especially ideal for Garment Deli as you can maximize your product permutations and keep your investment to a

Can I mix sizes and colors?

Yes!  You can mix sizes, styles, and colors of shirts any way you like.  The Garment Deli solution can present every permutation of your styles & colorts.

How long does production take?

Garment Deli’s parent company, Great Apparel For You, continuously provides the fastest turnaround in the industry. In fact, since turnaround is so critical, we track three-time related metrics and report a 30-day moving average with every invoice.

What are your payment terms?

Top-level and sub-level domains both include integrated merchant services & financial processing (a $30/month value), and you receive a check from us equal to your revenue minus all costs.  If any residual amount is owed, clients are put on Net-15 Day terms.

Is there sales tax?

Only if the billing address of your customer is in Illinois or the state in which you do business.  Please contact your tax specialist for additional information.